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Electric or Gas Vehicle

Save the planet and your wallet!
Moke is now available as an EV, as well as the original gas model.

Brand New Design

In 2017, the Moke was redesigned, mixing the classic look & feel with modern safety and convenience.


Choose from 8 colors, modern tech like stereo with USB & other features to make your own Moke.

About The Moke

From British classic to Caribbean icon, Moke has become the must-have emblem of carefree chic.

In 2017, freedom has a new look. This 20th-century collectible car has been updated with 21st-century sex appeal.

What began in the 1950s as a military invention of ingenuity and portability, became the icon of breezy style for decades to come.

Something fresh. Something new. Something that epitomized out-of-the-box thinking. This was the challenge facing the British army in the late 1950s. But when the British army turned to the British Motor Company, the BMC turned to Alec Issigonis — the father of the original Austin Mini.


Weatherproof Seats
Stereo w/ USB Port
14 Inch Alloy Wheels

Front Bumper
Power Steering
EV Marked Components
Front Bumper

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Reserve Your Limited Edition Moke

You’re going to love your Moke! To get started, select a model (electric or gas), an exterior color, stereo option and roof color. Roof and sides are included.

Once selected, you’ll be taken to a checkout page to reserve your personalized Moke.

The amount shown at checkout is 50% of your total purchase price, this is to reserve your vehicle. The balance will be charged upon delivery of your Moke. 

Once you've completed your reservation, a member of the Moke America Concierge Team will contact you with your order number, bill of sale and delivery details. Your Moke will arrive in 90 days. 

What are you waiting for? Get started designing your own piece of history.


Ride In Style.
Ride With Moke.

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Starting at $17,995

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